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Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:02 am

Name: Marcus
  Nicknames: Staunch Defender
  Age: Twenty-Four Months
  Gender: Male
  Rank: Guardian
  Species: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Marcus is 33 inches tall, 6 feet long, and weights in at 127 pounds. His thick coat consists of a blend of brown, white, and black. His underbelly and lower legs are white and his coat slowly transitions to brown as you move to his mid section. The top half of his body is mostly dominated by black, but there are traces of white and brown in there as well. The top part of his head is similar to the top half of his body. The top of his muzzle is blend of brown and black and as you move to his lower face and neck the fur turns into a pure white. He has piercing gold eyes, with sharp claws and tough pads, and finally a thick tail with an even blend of black and brown.

Marcus may look like an large, intimidating wolf, but he has a soft, caring soul. He cares for the safety and good of the pack and wishes to avoid violence if he can, but he knows sometimes that isn't possible. His social skills are adequate but he tends to keep to himself. Those who take the time to get to know him will find themselves a loyal and supportive friend because Marcus tends become attached to those he considers his friends. Marcus also expects the same amount of loyalty and support he gives to his friends. Marcus treats family the same as friends but gives them more loyalty and support and expects the same in return. However, if anyone threatens his friends, family the safety of his pack he will defend them to his last breath. The offender will have a difficult time quelling Marcus's rage towards them, but if given time Marcus will forgive them.

Marcus had a good puppy hood. His father Marrok was a Guardian, while his mother Ostana was a Healer. Together they instilled the ideas of protecting those you care for, and being loyal and supportive to those you care for. When he was ten months old he was graced with a little brother Ostoko and a little sister Ulfa, but two months later his whole life changed. A surprise raid by another pack of wolves happened and Marcus lost his family. His father died valiantly protecting the pack. Marcus was searching for his mother siblings but he was not fast enough. He found them killed by one of the invading wolves, and was paralyzed with fear. The invader stared at him with eyes filled with enjoyment and was going to attack Marcus too, but the invading pack was finally being pushed away and the invader made a swift retreat. Marcus blamed the death his lack of strength since father told him to find his mother and siblings instead of helping him fight, and how he was unable to even fight back against the invader that killed the rest of his family. Marcus spent the next year of his life training and promised to himself that he would never lose anyone he cared for again.

Marcus can't hold long conversations easily with people he doesn't know well and others tend to see him as awkward. He hates violence in the camp and will always try to solve it with nonviolence but this backfires sometimes.

Marcus is very adept at combat, he may not have speed because of his size, but his endurance and strength more than make up for it. Marcus makes a great listener, if you ever need to vent for any reason he will listen and give advice if he has any.

  Talents:Combat, Observing his surroundings, Listening to others
  Habits: Keeping watch on the camp, training, spending time with friends
  Mate:None(He is certainly looking though)
  Friends: None(I'm sure that will change soon)
  Enemies: Anyone who threatens his friends, family, or the pack

  How did you find us:http://alphawolf.gotop100.com/
  Secret Password found in "General Forum Guidelines": Watagatapitus berry
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