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Second Character : Comet
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Location : Oregon, US.
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Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:42 am

Name: Comet
Nickname(s) Flame, Blueface(Often teased with this one).
Age: Twenty - Four Months
Gender: Male
Rank: Scout
Species: Wolf


A pelt of dark blue that slowly fades to a light blue as it reaches his belly, black stripes shoot up from his belly to his back. His striking blue eyes are often said to look like blue flames. Although his eyes are known for their flaming appearance, they are not a rude flame, but kind and playful. He is 28 inches tall and was often made fun of because of how short he was as a child, he is also 6 feet long. He has sharp claws dark as midnight. He has sharp pearly white teeth. He is 123 pounds.

He is funny, and loves attention, but he is always willing to give it up. He has a kind heart, but can get angry fast. He hates hurting other wolves, but will fight if he must. If he is entrusted with a secret, he will never reveal it to anyone, without the consent of the teller. He would die to keep a secret for his friend. His loyalty is unshakable, if you prove yourself a friend, he will never abandon you when you are in a time of need. He is kind and lovable, but he can often says the wrong thing, and will not rest until he makes his wrong right with that person and they forgive him.

Comet was born into a family of four, he had a brother named Midnight, and two parents. Whisperjaw, his father, and Nightpelt, his mother. He had grown up being taught how to triumph as a scout, for all of his family had been in the rank of scout. As he grew to twenty months he met a young she-wolf named Serene. They soon became swift friends, she was training as a healer, but that didn’t stop them. A month later, he admitted his love for her, and she responded saying that she felt the same way. After another month, she died in a battle with another pack. He had found her bleeding mangled body near their usual meeting place, where she told him goodbye. He wouldn’t speak to anyone for two months, he just trained. When finally, he decided to mask his pain with happiness and joy. Ever since he has been hesitant to love, and hasn’t so far.

Weaknesses: He has emotional issues due to his past and he is allergic to blueberries.

Strengths: Even though he is small, he is very strong, and has amazing scenting. He could smell a squirrel in the tallest tree. He is very agile, and very sharp claws.

Talents: Scouting and hunting, keeping secrets..

Habits: Flicks his tail from side to side when he is amused. He doesn’t always respond truthfully to others.

Family: Whisperjaw (father), Nightpelt (mother), and Midnight (brother).

Mate: None

Pups: None

Friends: None

Enemies: Whoever killed Serene, though he doesn’t know who.

Crush: None

How did you find us:
I was looking for fun RPG to do with my favorite animal (WOLVES!) as I was searching I found this.
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