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Crake Empty
Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:39 pm

  Nickname(s): The Beast, The King, The Sojourner
  Age: 3
  Gender: Male
  Rank: Guardian
  Species: Tundra Wolf
  Appearance: Tall, muscular and broad, Crake is of intimidating stature and has the girth of a King, a fighter, and a lupine athlete. Perhaps one of the tallest in the realm, he is of immediate advantage in physical battle. Moreover, he is impressively handsome in regards to the dignity of a Canidae, and has a striking white pelt, luscious in texture, and eyes of a deep golden hue.
  Personality: Serene and dark humoured, his demeanor veers towards that of the demonic, having once gone through a phase of brutish manipulation and a fervor for violence. Having matured and chastised himself for a naive behaviour in expressing glory in his physical power, Crake has nurtured a considerable intelligence. At the point of anger he is ferocious, but in his neutral state he is in possession still of a deep inset aggression. He enjoys and commonly craves conflict, and is a charming personality towards those of the opposite gender of whom he takes a significant interest in.
  History: The King of his Realm, he was left redundant in the origins of his upbringing due to a plague that wiped out his subjects. Being the possessor of a large army, he migrated with them westward until  he became a General mercenary of whom would fight for those who would pay. Nevertheless, his followers gradually succumbed to an illness in which he was apparently immune.
  Weaknesses: His lack of cool-headedness; he hastens to anger and is rather aggressive, and is fond of a fight. Once a bloodthirsty tyrant.
  Strengths: Extremely powerful, handsome, and with the adept abilities of a leader.
  Talents: Fighting, leading

  How did you find us: Top 50 Wolf RP, I believe.
  Secret Password found in "General Forum Guidelines": 'Watagatapitus berry!'.
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