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Myling Empty
Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:22 am

Name: Myling
  Nickname(s): Wolf, Ferrous
  Age: 3
  Rank: Guardian
  Species: Arabian wolf
  Appearance: Myling is a black wolf with a white from her chin to her chest and a patch of white on her left back paw. She has long claws and sharp teeth, but most of her claws are chipped or broken. Her eyes are dark blue and their is a piece missing from her ear from a fight to protect her friends. Myling is a medium wolf.      
  Personality:  Myling will protect her friend and her pack, but she will defend herself if necessary. Myling is a loyalty wolf and she is getting along with a lot of wolves in the pack she is in. Myling is kind to other wolves unless they threaten her or is a wolf she doesn't know and has never seen before in her life.
  History: Myling only got to see her father once because her father killed her siblings for fun, until her mother came and saved Myling from him, so she wouldn't end up like her siblings. When Myling was still young, her mother was shot in the head by a person in front of her, so Myling never trusted people again. When Myling was half alive a mother wolf found her on the ground and adopted Myling as her pup because her pups were all killed by a bear.
  Weaknesses: Another wolf is kind to her when she is angry. (If that is alright)
  Strengths: To show anger and power over other wolves
  Talents: Fight to protect family, friends, and the pack, even if it meant to die
  Habits: Ignore other wolves when they are talking, so she doesn't have to listen to them
  Family: None (All killed)
  Mate: None, so far
  Pups: none
  Friends: none
  Enemies: Wolves she doesn't know, people, and wolves who threaten her life and pack
  Crush: None so far

  Password: "Watagatapitus berry!"
   I found you on  a link for a wolf game.
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