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Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:50 pm

Name: Amber
Nickname: N/A
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Rank: Scout
Species: Tundra Wolf
Amber is a completely black wolf besides her back right paw which is white, her fur is scruffy most of the time although she grooms a lot, her fur is fairly long and surprisingly very soft also during the summer her fur does not seem to shed. She is very small compared to the other wolves in the pack. Her Right eye is amber whilst the other is a sky blue. She has a scar on her neck that she tries to hide from others and does not like to talk about.
Amber is not a very social wolf she is quiet and very timid when it comes to meeting others. She is very kind and loves getting attention from those she lets in, she is normally the wolf that would run at the first sign of danger although she is trying to change that. She is very loyal to those who she thinks can be trusted although she does not trust many. She is trying to start socialising with others but believes she may need someone to help push her to that point. She is very curious although that curiosity gets her into unwanted trouble.
Amber was the runt of her family as well as her old packs omega she was shunned by her family and other pack members,except for her sister, which is why she learned how to hunt small pray a swell as deer. One day though a big flood occurred which wiped out most of the pack including her sister she herself nearly died too if it weren't for her speed she then ended up running into the enemy pack where she was slashed on the side of her throat. (I will add more later on)
Weaknesses: due to her timidity she will sometimes cower away from any threats (mostly when the pack may need her the most) also her curiosity can get her to fall into traps.
 Strengths: Ambers small size allows her to get to places other wolves can't get too also she can run much faster, this also allows her to climb up trees faster and more efficiently. Her scenes are also pumped to be nearly as good as many hunting wolves.
Talents: Scouting and Hunting
Habits: Running away during fights and flicking her tail when she is nervous.
Family: Dead
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crush: N/A

How did you find us: Top 50 Wolf RPG
Secret Password: Watagatapitus berry!
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