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Cordelia Empty
Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:30 pm

I will be working on this.

 Name:* Cordelia
  Nickname(s):Delia, Cora, Del
  Age:* 2
  Gender:* Female
  Rank:* Scout
  Species:* Timber Wolf
  Appearance:* Thick fur surrounds her neck, chest and back with colors of soft brown and grey mixed together playfully on her back and sides. Her sides, legs, head and tail have a bit of a shorter fur and is a dull white mixed with grey as well. A muddy brown takes it's place on her forepaws as uneven socks looking like she had stepped or ran through mud and never cleaned it off. Her ears are also the darker brown as well, her right ear having a hole torn in the lower half. Her eyes are a bright auburn to light yellow when she is angry.
  Personality:* (Must be 100 words in length.)
  History:* (If included, must be at least 150 words in length.)

  Weaknesses:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.)
  Strengths:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.)

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