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Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:29 pm

Name:* Rhiannon
Nickname:* Rhia, Anna, Ann, and Annie
Age:* 1 year
Gender:* Female
Rank:* Healer ( Loner if possible )
Species:* Arctic Wolf

Appearance:* Rhiannon's pelt is mainly white fluffy fur and some light grey running down her front leg and nearing to her back and ending at her tail. Her fur is slightly long then normal wolves especially her neck and tail where her neck and tail is also more fluffy and softer. She has light gold eyes with a fleck of red from looking -or trying to look- at the sun. Her is at least four inches shorter than a normal female wolf. Her fur lightens and grows more when it's winter and in summer, her fur is a bit darker and shortens. She sheds quickly in the spring. It returns to its normal color and size in the spring and fall. Has a long scar running from the left side of her torso and ending at the her middle part of her left hind leg.

Personality:* Rhiannon is really shy but is an absolute sweetheart. She will do anything that anyone ask of her and most likely will never get mad so it's rare for it to happen. She has a bit of a hard time trusting others now and when she's hurting, she doesn't tell the others as she doesn't want them to worry and/or think she's weak. She always trys to do things herself cause she doesn't want to be dependent. But when it's necessary, she will attack but is not much help. She's very self conscious and really playful when she trust you completely. She absolute hates pity or sympathy and acts grumpy when she receives any. She mainly acts like a complete pup.

History:* She was the runt of her family and pack. She was her old pack's omega but every one loved her and her twin brother, Helios. But her family and pack loved her brother better than her even when she was the pack's sweetheart. Her friends only used her for they know she will do anything for anyone. So when her brother died trying to protect her from the attacking rouges since she was still too young to fight, her pack and family turned against her and she became the pack's servant though she woke up early to train herself but it wasn't enough when they hurt her physically, mentally, and emotionally . They didn't care of the fact that she was young because her brother was the same age as she was and still fought. Soon she decided to run away the same day they wanted to kill her.

Weaknesses:* She makes 'friends' way too easily, loves animals so she is an incredible bad hunter and fighter, and she is really out of shape.
Strengths:* She is a great healer, loves and is great with baby animals, and can quickly adapt to really bad situations.
Talents:* She has incredible speed, hearing, sight, and quick reflexes.
Habits:* Most of the times she fakes her emotions. Howls and jump around when excited. Rambles when stressed. Puts her paws over her eyes and bends down until she is laying on the ground when she's scared or worried. Starts to whimper and bite the inside of her cheek when she's nervous.
Family:* Mom~Sylvia, Dad~Aidan.
Mate:* Nobody yet
Pups:* None yet
Friends:* None yet
Enemies:* Her old pack
Crush: Nobody yet

How did you find us: I just searched up for wolf roleplays and found you guys on Top 50 Wolf RPG.
Secret Password found in "General Forum Guidelines": Watagatapitus berry!
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