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 Swiftly's Bio

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Swiftly's Bio
Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:04 am

Name: Swiftly
      Nickname(s): Called just "Swift" by most.
      Age: 3
      Gender: Female
      Rank: Scout (or Loner/Rogue)
      Species: Coyote
      Appearance: Swiftly is a small, slender coyote that has well-earned her name, both in looks and in action. She weighs just under twenty pounds, rather small even for a coyote, and is a little under two feet tall at the shoulder. She is about four feet long, with a lengthy, bushy tail that sometimes makes her appear to be a little bigger. Swiftly has oddly large ears for her smallish head that constantly seem to be twitching, and deep, expressive golden eyes that are usually seen glancing about curiously (or nervously, one can never tell). Her proportions leave her looking rather gangly, being very thin with awkwardly long legs that are quite a bit more coordinated than they look. Her long bushy tail seems to add to her odd expression and stance, being much fluffier than the rest of her and leaving her with a rather scrappy look. As for coloring, Swiftly is mostly a reddish-brown in color with a light grey washing down her back and tail, with the grey being a bit darker around her face that gives her sort of the look of a bandit. A bit of a black tinge is apparent on the tip of her tail and on her hackles, but the rest of her fur is just a rusty-grey color.
      Personality: Swiftly is indeed swift, always on the ready to run or disappear at the slightest hint of danger or scramble at the first signs of trouble. She is headstrong and independent, which sometimes manifests itself as bossiness or even rebellious attitudes, often refusing help even when she knows she needs it, mostly for the sake of proving herself to those who think that she's a traitor due to her heritage as a "shifty" coyote. And she is shifty, don't get her wrong, just not in the same way that most think. Swift isn't there to plot against the packs, though it may sometimes appear that way. She is very smart and knows how to get around, though many may think that she isn't all too smart due to the fact that she's usually very quiet and doesn't tend to give out any information. Little is known about her, adding to her apparent shifty nature among others and especially by herself. Swiftly doesn't talk much, being more of a watcher and listener, sometimes leading to the idea that she is watching you even though it's just the way she is--observatory. Mysterious yet elegant though a bit gangly and scrappy in appearance, Swiftly is quite the character that turns out to be a great friend for your side once you figure out how to communicate with her and get past her strange, mysterious nature.
      History: Ask and she may tell (Will be revealed in roleplay)
      Weaknesses: Being very small with slim, easy-to-break bones, Swiftly can seem rather worthless in a fight, being unable to land much of a hit nor take much of one either. She isn't very strong, and is rather worthless when it comes to "muscle work" such as hauling larger objects. Her seemingly-rebellious nature and shifty personality also make her seem as a traitor to some, and she can have an explosive nature when it comes down to it.
      Strengths: Despite her tiny, easy-to-defeat look, Swiftly is more than capable of taking on even the toughest of opponents. Together combined, her speed, agility in evasion, and stamina are extraordinary, as well as her abilities for withstanding high temperatures. Be careful around her, while Swiftly may seem cool and collected, any miss-step with your words could be your last, because when she loses it, Swiftly has a tendency to go completely berserk.
      Talents: Fishing when it's available, evasion and agility, constantly observing the world around her.
      Habits: Swift's ears twitch a lot when she's nervous,--often the only indication that she is with her usual calm and collected appearance--and having the wanderlust she is a nomad that is constantly looking for a new place and can't seem to really settle down.
      Family: None that she knows of or remembers
      Mate: N/A
      Pups: N/A
      Friends: Not yet (will be updated)
      Enemies: Not yet (will be updated)
      Crush: Impress her

      How did you find us?: Website for top 50 wolf RP games.
      Secret Password: Ate by Moonstorm
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Posts : 3
Age : 15
Location : Hanging out with Scotty on the Enterprise. Care to join me?
Galleons : 10

Re: Swiftly's Bio
Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:02 am

Wait...how do I know when she's accepted?? >.<

"You mess with me, you pay for it."
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Re: Swiftly's Bio
Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:51 pm

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


Credit to Jens for Avvie and Kaala for Siggie
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Re: Swiftly's Bio

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Swiftly's Bio

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