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 Ronan's bio

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Ronan's bio
Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:25 pm

Name:* Ronan

  Nickname(s): Ro, Rowa

  Age:* Two whole years

  Gender:* Male

  Rank:* Hunter

  Species:* Great Plains Wolf

  Appearance:* Ronan is not a large wolf, coming in at about 67 cm tall and 51/2 feet long, snout to tail. He is well-muscled and stronger than most wolves his size and weighs about 80 lbs. He finds his coloration a little ordinary, his back and head being gray, flecked with white, his underside and muzzle completely white. His eyes are a light brown, but they always have a certain gleam in them, giving a hint of mischief and humor. Though he is technically an adult, he still has a puppy-ish look to him that will always be there in a way.

  Personality:* Ro can be one of two things to other wolves: funny and very fun to be around, or extremely, impossibly obnoxious. Either way, he doesn't care and just figures that if they think the latter, then they can just leave.
Though he is quite smart, Ronan does not like to use his brain more than... necessary... Though if there is food involved, he will lend an idea or two. That is why he is a hunter. He knows all things food and how to acquire it.
He is not a sensitive wolf and will always speak his mind, though, since he pretty much does that at all times, it is likely no one will really want to listen to him.
He is a mischief-maker, always looking for "fun" things to do. He regurlarly cannot restrain himself from such things, but if it's really important, he will try really, super hard. He must not be left alone at times like these.

  History:* Ronan never saw his father, for reasons he never found out. His mother was with him in the first stages of life, outside the Serenity pack. For some reason, she would never stay in one place, always moving, perhaps searching for something. At some point very early in Ro's life, he and his mother found the pack. They stayed there together for a short time before his mother disappeared, leaving Ronan in the care of the pack members. Ronan never knew why, and although he was distraught at first, he found that he loved being with the pack, having friends and a permanent home. He decided that he didn't know why his mother had left, and he never would, so there was no point in worrying about it, and since then, he has become the happy-go-lucky, terribly talkative creature that he now is. And he's loving his life.
(Sorry. Gotta get better at writing histories)

  Weaknesses:* Though he is strong for his size, he is still small. He is stubborn and will get himself into trouble.

  Strengths:* He is quite smart, especially when it comes to hunting. He is very good at staying hidden, and is agile and fast. A perfect hunter.

  Talents: As mentioned, has a knack for hunting and moving unnoticed.

  Habits: Tends to underthink things, do things he shouldn't, and talk... a lot.

  Family: Father: Unknown - Mother: Name also unknown

  Mate: N/A

  Pups: N/A

  Friends: N/A

  Enemies: N/A

  Crush: N/A

  How did you find us: I have been on the site before. I'm making a comeback!

  Secret Password found in "General Forum Guidelines":* Watagatapitus berry!
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Ronan's bio

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