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 Nefertari the Foreign

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Nefertari the Foreign
Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:39 am

Name: Nefertari

Nickname: Nefer (Only used by close friends)

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Female

Rank: Hunter

Species: Simien Jackal

Appearance: Nefertari has tall (for her species), thin, lithe stature giving her a graceful appearance. Although she has muscles, her frame remains petite, causing opponents to greatly underestimate her. Her fur is medium in length and very sleek, never allowing her fur to be unkempt as a matter of pride, not vanity. The fur on her back, top of her head, and on the top of her tail is a pretty pure light gold, without the regular black specks seen in other Simien jackals, while her underbelly, inside of her legs, her chest, chin, and under her tail is a pure white. The tip of her tail has the traditional black seen on the jackals of her species and is jet black, as if she dipped her tail into ink. Her eyes are almond shape as opposed to round like wolves native to North America and are a brilliant amber color. Her tail is long for her species, but is the same size as an average North American wolf. She has long ears and a long, thin muzzle. She stands at 24 in. and is about 40 in long, weighing about 33 pounds, making her about the same size as a coyote.

Personality: Nefer is very outgoing and outspoken, she is not the type of wolf who sits idle during confrontations, but instead prefers to take charge of a situation. She is very clever and extremely cunning, allowing her to be very persuasive. She isn’t the type of wolf who is very sympathetic and sometimes gives off a cold vibe, often times using sarcasm to hide her true emotions. She struggles communicating with others, and does not know how to comfort others. However, with enough time, she will warm up to you. She has fantastic observational skills, noticing the smallest of details and making mental notes which she would think back to when needed. Despite her striking appearance, she is not vain, she just likes to take care of herself, for where she was raised, it was expected to look presentable at all times. She has a thick Egyptian accent and occasionally throws Egyptian words in her speech.

History: Nefer was raised by a wealthy human in Egypt. She and her owner moved near Serenity River where he soon died of old age, however she was able to escape from his home and had to survive on her own. Despite her pampered upbringing, she managed to adapt to life in the wild particularly fast and picked up hunting rather well due to her speed and cleverness. Although she isn’t particularly social, she has begun to search for a more permanent home so she wasn’t completely on her own.

Weaknesses: She can sometimes be cold and cruel, she doesn’t blend in well to the forest setting, not very good at hunting larger game

Strengths: She is smart and can talk her way out of things, clever, rather graceful

Talents: She can hunt quick game well because she is fast and light on her feet, has excellent attention to detail, smart, and well-spoken

Habits: Tends to be rather cold, brushes others off easily, tends to talk sarcastically a lot, hides her emotions

Family: Aziza (mother), Set (father)
Mate: No one
Pups: None, doesn’t really want any
Friends: No one
Enemies: No one
Crush: No one
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Nefertari the Foreign

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