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 Akka the Red Giant

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Second Character : Played by Jenna
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Akka the Red Giant
Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:02 pm

Name: Akka
   Nickname(s): None at the moment!
   Age: 23 Months
   Gender: Male
   Rank: In Training

"I will make you proud."

 History: Akka is the only son of Jenna and Faolan. As a pup, he was always interested in nature and often spent time with the healers, but as time went by his strength and size began to grow and he was conflicted with who he wanted to be. He has always suffered from pressure from Jenna to be a Guardian, but hates violence and only wishes to help others. He ran away to escape his problems with best friend Lilith, but has since then returned to his pack with her, still on edge.

   Appearance: Akka is a wolf on his father's side, and a dog on his mother's, giving him a combination of all sorts of features. Spreading over the top of him like melted butter is dark red fur, pouring over the white fur under him that runs from his chest to the bottom of his tail. Around his neck lies a collar of very spiky and wolf like greyish brown fur, which compliments his brown socks. The sides of his ears are always ruffled in an odd way, and he has a splash of grey fur around his father's misty green eyes that spreads to his nose and almost looks like a bandit mask. He is the largest of the pups and carries his parents strong legs, as well as his father's deep, yet soft voice.

   Personality:* Despite being the largest of the litter, Akka was the omega pup, always submitting and simply trying to keep out of trouble while pleasing his siblings. He is quiet soul, who can be playful at times, though not as energetic as his sisters, and silently tries to take in as much information about the world around him as he possibly can, always interested in learning about new things, even if from a distance. He is easily surprised, and always has a look of longing in his eyes.

   Weaknesses: Sometimes his shyness can keep him from using the strength he was born with, and his willingness to believe others can lead to his loyalty being abused.
   Strengths: He prefers using what he has learned to get himself out of trouble rather than his brute strength, and can be extremely speedy as he has both sled dog and wolf blood running within him, but if push comes to shove, he is huge, standing about an inch taller than the average male wolf.
   Habits: Scratching his left ear when he is confused, and constantly eyeing around for places to hide.
Mother: Jenna
Father: Faolan
Sisters: Malachi, Shadow and Zyll



By Orfeo!

By Solstice!

Akka and Zyll as pups, by me.


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Akka the Red Giant

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