Serenity River Pack
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Meet Some Of Our New Ranks

July 11th 2014
Over the past couple weeks amongst other changes some of our members have earned new ranks and titles. Firstly I would like to welcome our new site designer... drumroll!! Mahina! Though some of you may not remember her she was previously known as Desty Joining us again she has now joined the team of staff members in helping us keep the site looking fantastic an better than ever.
Along with other new changes I would like to take a moment to congratulate two members who have been ranked up to lead roles. So congrats firstly to Azzuen who has been promoted to Beta Male! Good job on getting the spot and you will make a great Beta! Secondly to move up in our ranks is Leviticus who has taken the position of Lead Hunter. Congrats and you will make for a lovely lead and help with the running on the pack. So congrats to those three and we hope that you shall be around to see and help the pack grow.

New Changes

June 14th 2014
So as some of you may have noticed quite a few changes have happened over the past few months. Between moving to another site and then back to the original things are good and moving, we have some good plots going on so feel free to jump in wherever or continue on with the one your currently in. So welcome back to our old members and for the newbies then welcome to SRP. We hope you enjoy it with us back on our original site as we get things moving along and sorted out.