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 lily karusan

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Lily Karusan

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lily karusan
Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:05 am

Name: Lily Karusan
Nickname(s): Lily, Karusan, Kari, San, Sunni (as possibilities)
Age: One day, but of course she will age
Gender: Female
Rank: Pup, her rank will be decided later
Species: 25% Timber Wolf | 25% Siberian Husky | 50% Red Wolf
Appearance:She has a slight red, russet, and brown undertones of a red wolf. This she gets from the red wolf in her. However in size and appearance she is timber wolf. she is a very large, but still light on her feet and agile along with her strength. However she tends to exaggerate this, and is at times very clumsy tripping over her own paws. Her paws are creamy along with her underbelly. The backs of her legs are a brown color. On her back the colors are very dark at places black, her tail is also brown, and most of her back is brown fading to a cream everywhere else. The tip of her tail is black. She has a black spot on her tail. Her face is brown and and darker colors with a cream muzzle. She has one green eye one blue eye.
Personality: Here would be a little girl. She's a little feisty and playful, but she loves being the baby of the family. She's arrogant and vain, and isn't overly loyal, but she loves wolves. She also loves the world and exploring. While selfish at times she can have her moments. She takes time to groom and she knows that she is very pretty. She is also very selfish of what she does have and can acquire by her strength. She however loves spending time in her world as she feels it is hers to explore. She knows that she's strong and smart and she isn't shy about it. She is aloof but at times is still a puppy and will play because she always wins.

History: Lilly Karusan was born in Serenity Pack lands to Hyran (her mother) and Shade (her father). She was born as the little girl in the family, and is the strongest. She tends to use this to her advantage, and seems to think that she is the most important. Seeing as she is the youngest, and shows more traditional wolf features she is accepted into the pack,and has a great amount of confidence in herself. Seeing as she is still young and hasn't experienced much there has been no obstacle that she hasn't overcome. She spends her time seeing how many boundaries she could push and how many rules she could break. She is growing up in a loving family and never really experienced censure for her actions. She is very smart about how she breaks her rules and sometimes will even blame on her brothers. She is very self confident. (Note this is future, seeing as she hasn't been born yet.)
Weaknesses: aloof, arrogant she will use others to her advantage, but when coming up with stronger wolves she doesn't know how to be humble.
Strengths: Physically, fairly smart, aloof, arrogant she is fairly strong so she can back up her quick tongue.
Talents: She's strong, getting wolves on her sides, being a temporary angel
Habits: She will flick her ears, play with her paws, wander farther, 'accidentally' wander off. 'accidentally' forget things her parents tell her to do.

Family: Shade (father), Hyran (mother), Saluki (brother), Muria (brother)
Mate: No one can keep up with me, and I'm not into that.
Pups: I'm a puppy!
Friends: None are good enough for me!
Enemies: Who could hate me?
Crush: Not yet

How did you find us: Well my wolf's mom lived here! ;)
Secret Password: Editted by Fao


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lily karusan

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