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Moonstorm Empty
Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:26 pm

Name:* Moonstorm
  Nickname(s): Moon or storm
  Gender:* Female
  Rank:* Hunter
  Species:* Timber Wold
  Appearance:* (Must be 100 words in length.)She pure white with a small black patch over her whole eye. She has bright green eyes that darken and lighten with her mood. Light green means she's stressed. Dark green means she's angry. In between means that she is happy. She is somewhat strongly built. She will start to fill out as she gets healthier. When she does, she will have a little bit of muscle and will have a swift kill bite. She average size, so its easy for her to move around. She's always squeezing into some sort of mess. She doesnt take up a lot of space.
  Personality:* (Must be 100 words in length.)  She's tough and strong. very kind but has a short temper. It's easy to make her made but in the end she will always stand up for the pack! She likes to run and hunt with her friends and alone. She loves to roll around and play, so she's still kinda like a pup. She runs and if she's bored she'll do a perimeter check. She most always wants to hang out with her friends and her new adoptive family.She'll do anything for her family, even if it means that it'll get her killed. The only thing for the others to remeber is to not make her mad.

  History:* (**[b]If included[/b], must be at least 150 words in length.) When she was a small pup, humans came and killed her old pack. She and her younger brother were the only ones who survived. But while they were alone, a bear had came up and killed him. It attacked her and put scars on her but she survived. She was all alone and almost went insane. She barley got food and she was starving. She had been on the brink of death. She had lived a loner most of her life, until she meet her new pack.
  Weaknesses:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.)She is average but she doesnt speak up for herself so she gets ignored. She's not as strong as most wolves but strong enough.
  Strengths:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.) She's very agile and runs fast. She can hunt just about anything.
  Talents: Hunting and somewhat of healing
  Habits: She always thumps her tail when she's nervous.

  Family: gone
  Friends: kael, Ivy Four, ec, etc
  Enemies: nope
  Crush: Kinda on Kael

  How did you find us:* i was on the other i had to redo because i want on this one
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines":* 'Watagatapitus berry!'.

Last edited by Moonstorm on Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:43 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : wrong secret password)
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