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Second Character : Kaala | Azzuen | Koda
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Age : 18
Galleons : 10

Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:28 pm

N a m e: Koda.
N i c k n a m e: Kody.
A g e: Not born yet.
B i r t h d a y: Autumn.
G e n d e r: Male.
S e x u a l P r e f e r e n c e: Straight.
R a n k: Pup.
S p e c i e s: Eurasian x European.
S c e n t: Oak & fall leaves.
A p p e a r a n c e: His coat is completely jet black, except for a medium-sized patch of cloud-white fur on his chest. His pelt is long, fluffy and soft to the touch. As for his build, Koda is very muscular and large like his father and takes after his heavily built body. His eyes are sky-blue with azure flecks, just like his mother's and they usually hold an endearing sparkle.  
P e r s o n a l i t y: Koda is the type of wolf who just wants to have fun. He is quite a dare-devil like his sister Acadia and likes to get into trouble for his own entertainment. Koda easily makes enemies with the wolves he meets because he can be quite rude unless he is talking to a she-wolf. He also tends to be manipulative and uses his charming looks to get what he wants. In the future, he will most likely be a total flirt with the ladies.
P a s t: Currently being made.
S i b l i n g s: Acadia, Xavier, Saga & Chompsky [Adopted]
M o t h e r: Phynix.
F a t h e r: Azzuen.
M a t e: N/A
P u p s: N/A
F r i e n d s: N/A
E n e m i e s: N/A
C r u s h:
W e a k n e s s e s: He is not very good at sprinting or long-distance running. Koda is not the best at making friends and makes more enemies instead.
S t r e n g t h s: He is good at getting what he wants and pranking other members of the pack.
T a l e n t s: He can fight very well considering his size.
H a b i t s: He tends to scratch at anything he can get his paws on.
S o n g:
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