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 Lupus Magicae- A fantasy wolf RP

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Lupus Magicae- A fantasy wolf RP
Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:57 am

I don't have a formal ad made up yet, but we are a new fantasy wolf rp site. At the moment, there are not enough members to set up any formal packs, but once we get up and running they will form. We have several different categories of magic, many types of traits and mutations that come with each species or can be purchased, and 7 unique wolf species as well as a list of non-wolf playables.

Everything takes place in a land called Aurelia, the known world, in a time long after a primitive version of human beings have come and gone. All that remains of their time here is old stone constructions that creatures of all kinds and nature have taken over. Different races of magical wolves have taken over as the dominant species now and life simply goes on as normal, except for those who have been cursed (or blessed depending on who you ask) with conditional immorality at the cost of losing all fur and flesh. The only way to kill these undead wolves is to break the gem attached to their skeleton, but that task is harder than it seems.

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Lupus Magicae- A fantasy wolf RP

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