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Second Character : Kavara, Tesla
Posts : 2
Location : Private. (Or with teh pack.)
Galleons : 10

Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:09 am

Name: Essia
Nickname: Essa
Age: One-two weeks   (If that's fine.)
Gender: Female
Rank: Pup         (Is Pup in Ranks?)
Species: Mostly a grey wolf and a timber wolf mix         (If that's fine.)
Appearance: Essia is mostly a grey wolf with yellow/golden eyes and with a dusty colored 
pelt and dark brown markings. She mostly has not that of a Long Coating of fur, Meaning that she could get cold easily she has a fluffy dusty colored tail with white and dark brown stripes and tiny splotches on her tail/body and is a bit smaller than her siblings. She is potentially well groomed and shiny/straight pelt and with curls on the top of her head that act like hair, She has more than 1 sibling in her family healthy half of the time (Its all i could think of.. Sorry if it isn't enough.)

Personality: She can be stubborn most of the times and is very fond of her sibling's and Relatives at Harsh Times, She is a silly, Loving And sneaky most of the times when someone is going on like a hunting patrol (Or something like that.) she will follow if necessary but she thinks she can decide that she does not want to follow or if she does want to follow, She can be a smart-mouth most of the time and can lie sometimes if its something important. She is quite a rough playmate/den mate for her siblings, She can get carried away with playing too rough with one of her siblings. she is very energetic too.
Weakness: Being a little too energetic during the times of the day.
Strength: Running/playing around with her sibling's most of the time.

(I found Ya'll on the ' Top 50 Wolf RPG ' Website.)

Essia is a grey wolf/timber wolf Mix because one of her relatives was a grey wolf/timber wolf mix, Only one of her relatives was a grey Wolf/timber Wolf.

(I think is all i can write.
I did not have much time and i hope i don't have to Re-write this whole thing,
Check off the Things that needs to be Fixed.)


Last edited by SpiritsOfTheSpring on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:43 pm; edited 5 times in total
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Second Character : Muria
Posts : 517
Age : 20
Location : Vancleave MS, USA
Galleons : 202

Re: Essia
Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:35 am

Heya! A few things wrong before I can accept. You'll need to create a character older than two years. I think. I'll check with the site owner, but I'm almost positive that's the rule. If you'd like a pup character, we have some litters with adoptables. You can adopt a second character after this one is accepted.

You need to find the password in the Rules and Guidelines. A quick read through should get that for ya.

I also need you to explain why the character is mostly grey wolf. What other types are in her blood?

Check over spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Check your capitalization and coherency.

Pick an adult rank, and you should be all set!


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Second Character : Kavara, Tesla
Posts : 2
Location : Private. (Or with teh pack.)
Galleons : 10

Re: Essia
Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:28 pm

I think i did Everything,
spelling,punctuation and grammar.
I checked my capitalization and coherency.
(Can i add Tesla as Essia's Brother?)
(Am i able to become the rank Pup?)
I added why she is a grey wolf and added another type of blood. (timber wolf)


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Re: Essia

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