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Elena Empty
Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:54 pm

Name: Elena
Nickname(s): Lena (Pronounced Laina)
Age: 2 1/2 Yrs.
Gender: Female.
Rank: Beta (Or loner if possible)
Species: Grey Wolf
Appearance: Elena's pelt is a beautiful mixture of white and light grey, with darker fur halfway down her front left leg and right hind leg. Her eyes are a pretty light pup-blue color, and she is only SLIGHTLY smaller than most other wolves, the reason is that she was the runt of her litter, taking quite a while to grow. She has slightly longer fur than most other wolves, though, with a long bushy tail which is a main indicator of her present mood. The fur on her tail and neck is longer than that on the rest of her body, and her fur gets lighter (and longer) in the winter and fall months, but it returns to it's darker shade in the spring and summer, while she sheds out the long fur.
Personality: She is usually very friendly, unless someone intentionally ticks her off. She makes "friends" (at she she thinks they are) way too easily, and commonly gets hurt both emotionally and physically. That can have pros, however, as she quickly befriended her family and (most of her) other pack members. (Working on more, will post soon!!)
History:* (If included, must be at least 150 words in length.) (Working on it, Will post soon!!)
Weaknesses: Makes friends too easily (some of which are prey animals), gets close to other wolves too easily, not a very good hunter (she really never learned to be a good one, and part of the reason is that she loves animals), and tires easily.
Strengths: Again, makes friends easily, can usually adapt to bad situations quickly and easily, loves to teach others what she knows and can, and she loves baby animals (and animals in general, really, which it part of why she's such a bad hunter) especially wolf pups and rabbits.
Talents: Very fast, Quick reflexes
Habits: Pacing and excessive panting when nervous, and she may howl or bark when excited (usually when it's not the time)
Family: Mother: Aisha (Asia), Father: Ace, Two brothers: Samuel and Lance, And three sisters: Keta (Kee-ta), Macy, and Eva.
Mate: Nobody Yet
Pups: None Yet
Friends: None Yet
Enemies: Old pack members, Kage and Sasha
Crush: Nobody Yet

How did you find us: I searched wolf rp sites and I found you guys on Top 50 Wolf RPG (You guys are top!)
Secret Password found in "General Forum Guidelines":* (The link to this page is given above. (I'll get back to this later)

Will be finished soon hopefully!
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