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Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:52 pm

Name: Lila
Age: 2 1/2 years old
Gender: Female
Rank: Hunter
Species: Tundra Wolf

Appearance: Lila has never been a large wolf. Most of her life she has been a bit smaller than most of the wolves she met. Despite some Tundra wolves growing up to 7 feet in length, Lila just reaches 6 1/4 feet in length. Her weight just hit at 106 pounds and her height around 27 inches. Her dense and long fur has a deep grey to white gradient from her back to underbelly. The grey fur grows on her face, making it appear somewhat like a mask. Her fur also has a very slight tint of yellow more on her legs then the rest of her body. And to finish it off, dim golden eyes that seem to show disinterest.

Personality: Lila's personality is would be sort of unique to some. Her expression is almost always a frown. Only on rare occasions, her expression shows excitement or even joy. Like when she is hunting. She tends to be impulsive and rather hot-headed. She gets extremely upset whenever anybody messes with her loved ones. Unsurprisingly, Lila doesn't get along with many others. She believes having friends makes you weak and timid. Other than that, Lila is very adventurous and loves to take many walks to locations she has never been before. The she-wolf also has a bit of sassy side in her. She is willing to use verbal attacks if someone is foolish enough to cross her.

History: Lila was born in a small pack in Russia with her parents, Vida and Casimir. She was the oldest of all of her 5 brothers, Russet, Kyo, River, Jonquil, and Smoke. Her parents always expected the best out of her since she was the eldest. Her brothers were always stronger than her so she had to learn to be better in other ways. She always used verbal threats during spars and her fiery temper to warn others. It had worked very well for her. Her parents were even more impressed by how she hunted. She always watched for any weak points and she liked to scare her prey. Everything seemed to be going well for now. But as the time passed, something happened where she became more cynical and detached. There was also a bad cough she had which seemed to get worse. She decided she had to leave and not come back. Since then her health has improved significantly but is still somewhat cynical in nature.

Weaknesses: Her weaknesses are her anger, and her cynicism. They both can cause her to stop thinking clearly as she thinks about the worst.
Strengths: Her knowledge of hunting and foraging. She can find and eat worms and even berries if she gets hungry enough.
Talents: If she can make someone laugh, she feels a twinge of happiness
Habits: She tends to pace around and mutter when she tries to calm down. Emphasis on 'tries'.
Family: Vida and Casimir (Mother and Father), Russet, Smoke, Jonquil, River, and Kyo (Brothers from oldest to youngest)
Mate: Nobody
Pups: None
Friends: Nobody
Enemies: None yet
Crush: No one at all!

How did you find us?: http://alphawolf.gotop100.com/
Secret Password: Watagatapitus berry!

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