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Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:31 pm

Name: Kahani Rae
  Nickname(s): Kai, Han
  Age: 3.
  Gender: Female.
  Rank: Hunter.
Species: Artic Wolf.
Appearance: Kahani... Well, how can we put Kahani's appearance to words? We'll begin with her body. Dove has a medium-sized body that's thick with lean muscles. She doesn't look very muscular, but she is. Her legs are slender, giving her an appearance of being limber with powerful hind legs and smallish paws that end with sharp, black claws.

Continuing on, Kahani stands around 2.5 feet at her shoulder, runs at about 3.5 feet from nose to tail and weighs just over 97 pounds. With vise-like jaws, Kahani is capable of crushing a female moose's front leg bone; she can reach speeds up to forty miles per hour. Her muzzle is nicely shaped, not to narrow and not to pointed. Her ears set high on her head as if she held a power that other wolves typical don't. They are nicely sized and come to light points at the tip.

Now, onto Kahani's fur... Kahani has thick, silky fur that's longer along with her shoulders, chest, and tail. It's a pure blinding white, matching the snow in which she so lovingly calls home. Given, there are some spots where her fur is thinner, including four parallel marks down her left flank from an encounter with a cougar. Kahani's eyes are a soft chocolate brown, they seem almost too large for her head and give her a rather innocent appearance.

Personality:  Kahani  . . . what to say about such a free spirited, pure, reckless young fae? She's a fireball, a bomb waiting to go off! A hurricane, something you've never seen before. Her wild determination and independence can get her far, but also in deep trouble. But, hey! Nothing she can't handle.

Kahani may look sweet, loving, and even helpless, almost . . . but looks can fool. When on the hunt she is fierce, fiery, sassy, quick, sly, and vicious. The little spunk is used to doing her own thing, happy to march to the beat of her own drum. And no one . . . no one will stop her, no one will ever break her. She holds herself together no matter what and will remain unbroken.

Another thing you should know about Kahani is that she isn't afraid of you. Isn't afraid to stand up to you, and isn't afraid to take you on in a fight, though she prefers to avoid such things.  If you need to be told something that's hard to hear, she'll be the one to tell you like it is. And she will be happy to argue with your opinion if she believes it is wrong, as Kahani stands up for what's right, even if she is standing alone. She doesn't give in and is a great arguer, usually winning.

Kahani's past had scared her so much that she believes that letting one in is a sign of weakness. There is one other thing to mention about Kahani: she's scared to love. All that viciousness is just an outer shell that keeps her true self-locked away, scared to show itself for it might get hurt. So, to summarise Kahani into three words, they'll be: scared, loyal, and lethal.

Kahani is silent on her past no wolf or man would ever know. It scarred her, warped her into this creature, once so pure and full of life now subdued and with blood stains on her fur. Kahani has always been a survivor, she will never pick a fight she cannot win.

Kahani was born to Simone and Titan Rivera as the youngest of three pups. She was the baby girl and often caused infighting with her siblings due to their opposing opinions on their little sister. At a young age the female was taught that to be the best, you must act as if you already ruled the world, words the female has never forgotten.

Weaknesses: Fighting is not Kahani's strong suit, she is not built for brute strength and as such tends to avoid fights with larger wolves, S
he harbours a great fear of fire as well.

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