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 Sora the Lighthearted

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Sora the Lighthearted
Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:30 am


3 Years


Sora is a rather large female grey wolf with a large heart to match. She has light, stone grey fur with a hint of light brown down her back, the top of her head, and the top of her tail. The fur under her belly, under her head, and under her tail is a pure white. Her fur maintains it's fluffy appearance year round, making her seem much larger than she really is, but her frame is actually larger than the average female in height. Despite the pup-like fluff of her fur, it is rather sleek and is well taken care of. The fluff makes her ears look short, paired with a short muzzle. Her tail is particularly long with a black tip at the very end. Her eyes are an emerald green with flakes of darker pine green around the pupil.


Sora is rather upbeat and cheerful, usually looking on the brighter side of things and searches for the best in others. She is incredibly kindhearted and understanding, leading to wolves trusting her much easier than others. When faced with a confrontation, Sora will remain calm and understanding but is no means willing to let wolves step all over her; her bite is much worse than her bark. However, if it comes to blows, she tends to freak out a bit, all the snarling and biting scares her and will only fight as a last resort. Sora is a rather social wolf, however her friendliness and willingness to trust others causes her to get into a lot of trouble. Despite how social she is, Sora doesn’t mind spending time alone and rather enjoys adventuring to new places. She is rather naïve but by no means foolish. She is extremely loyal and quite affectionate to her friends, whether they are new friends or old friends, and enjoys the feeling of strong friendship above all other feelings. When she is alone, Sora is calm and quiet, taking in all of the peacefulness of nature and allows her thoughts to consume her; this is one of her favorite pass times. Despite her friendliness, Sora rarely gets deep with another, the friendship more of a aquaitence or just a packmember type of relationship, only a few really know her deeper thoughts, and even fewer in the SR Pack, but she is willing to let someone in, if they too open up to her.


Sora was part of a tight knit pack that was nine wolves strong. Her parents were the top fighters and taught her the skills necessary to fight when she was young, although she tries her best to avoid things getting to the point of a fight. Sora’s mother was always a gentle spirited wolf and passed those traits onto her, yet her father's harshness weaves itself into the words she says rarely. When Sora was two and a half, she decided to venture off and find a place of her very own to start her new life, ready and willing to face all the challenges living alone had to offer.


She can be too friendly and trusting to wolves who don't deserve it. Her white fur can sometimes give her location away. She is also very naïve and that can cause her to get in trouble with those who are of higher rank than her and can also cause her to lose her temper (if pushed)


She is very welcoming and friendly. She also has incredible stealth and is rather strong.


She is very light on her paws and can move around undetected. She is great at lightening the mood too!


Gets lost in thought, can act a bit silly at times. She will also wander off yet she does not do so mindlessly, she just lets nature lead the way.


Karne- Brother (Deceased)
Seia- Brother (Possibly Deceased)

Mate: N/A
Pups: Loves pups but N/A
Friends: Whoever seeks friendship has a friend within Sora
Enemies: Hopefully none!
Crush: N/A
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Sora the Lighthearted

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